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People who live in small ponds … should read this book!

San Gabriel is a charming Mexican town with a large English-speaking population—all busily reinventing themselves. Artist or ex-CIA, you can be whatever you want here. Ellie, who edits the weekly paper, calls it Makeover Central, but then she is kind of snooty and annoying. One of the people she annoys is Thaddeus Boomer, busily pursuing a career in politics. He intends to be President—of the community center—and isn’t about to let anyone stand in his way. Meanwhile, Wilbur, who’s come to see what’s going on in the older woman department, is in for a bit of a surprise.

From one edition of the paper to the next, the story covers a bumpy week of comings, goings and mysterious disappearances among the town’s locals and expatriates, with their culture shock, complicated sex lives and strange transformations. But something very nasty simmers beneath the surface. In a small pond like this, it’s a fish-eat-fish world.

Full-length 85,000 word novel, off-genre, funny, assuming you take it black, and DRM free.